Heat Therapy Rice Bags
Heat Therapy Rice Bags

Heat Therapy Rice Bags


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For most microwave ovens, the rice bag should be heated for two minutes. However, when heating the rice bag for the first time, heat the bag in 30 second intervals to your desired temperature. 
The microwave we tested required about 2 minutes to achieve the desired toasty warmth. DO NOT overheat, you can scorch the rice. Once you know how long it takes your microwave to heat your pad, you can set that time for future uses. Do not attempt to heat the pad in a conventional oven.

To use as cold pack place your rice bag in a tightly closed freezer bag and keep in freezer until needed. 
Why do we use Rice? 
  • We use rice because we found the heat retention to be the best, and the rice has the most pleasant feel. We found the dried pinto beans or whole peas to smell beany (not so pleasant or relaxing) and Flaxseed was even worse, after just a few heatings they were starting to smell a little rancid.

Individuals suffering from diabetes or any other health problem should consult a doctor before using.