Foot & Hand Therapeutic Blend

Foot & Hand Therapeutic Blend


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For Feet - Disinfect and Sanitize your Feet, and prevent and treat dry, cracked heals and fight fungal infections (athletes' foot).

Our Foot Blend for your Feet and Hands includes sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, tea tree oil with peppermint, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils.

Disinfect, Sanitize and Moisturize your feet & hands all at the same time! This formula is antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial, and the best news is that it's make with 100% all natural ingredients. It softens your feet and hands and won't dry them out like sanitizer.

We formulated this product to disinfect and sanitize your hands and feet because your they are constantly being exposed and are susceptible to germs, dirt and fungal spread.