Ball Glove Love
Ball Glove Love
Ball Glove Love
Ball Glove Love

Ball Glove Love


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Ball Glove Love - If you love your ball glove give it some ball glove love.

Works great on restoring, reconditioning and protecting any glove. Moisturizes and protects the leather to keep your glove in peak playing condition or for breaking in a new glove for top performance. Much like you would apply lotion to your skin to avoid dryness/cracking, this is the equivalent for your glove.  

  • cleans and conditions
  • lifts dirt from the leather and restores the natural leather qualities
  • protects and preserves leather from external forces such as rain, sun, etc for a longer lifespan
  • will not stain your glove
  • quickens the break-in period
  • keeps your glove soft for optimal comfort and flexibility during game-play
  • because it's a cream it won't increase the weight of your glove
  • won't add weight to your glove like oils do. The liquidity of glove oils allow them to soak into the padding in your glove and thus making it heavier. The cream consistency of Ball Glove Love keeps it on the leather where it is applied. 
  • makes your glove feel softer and much more pliable when it comes to forming the glove to your hand

Natural Ingredients you can Trust

  • your glove's leather is natural, your leather conditioner should be too
  • our choice of ingredients help make your glove water resistant
  • 100% of our ingredients are natural, we don't use synthetics, emulsifiers or SLS (foaming agent called Sodium Laurel Sulphate)
  • We use all natural moisturizers and cleaning agents, they're non-petroleum and helps break-in, preserve, soften, rejuvenate, condition and protect your glove. 

We're not afraid to tell you what we put in Ball Glove Love because it's 100% natural, we even tell you why we chose the ingredients we chose as follows: 

Ball Glove Love contains Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E, that's it, natural ingredients you can trust. 

Question: Most Glove conditioners contain Mink Oil and we get asked all the time why we don't use Mink Oil?

Answer: Mink oil is a product made from the fatty layer under mink skins and it will work as a leather conditioner but only for a short period of time.  An application of mink oil will moisturize and replenish your leather but it will eventually oxidize and harden your leather which forces you to re-apply frequently in order to maintain the leather's softness.

Did you know that some Mink Oils are processed pork fat or made synthetically... did you want to use that on your glove?... no!

Question: A lot of people have told me that they use Dubbin on their glove, shouldn't I be using Dubbin too?

Answer: The dictionary definition for Dubbin is: a mixture of tallow and oil applied to leather to soften it and make it waterproof. Tallow is an oil obtained from animal tissue and suet. We use Lanolin which is a fatty substance obtained  from sheeps wool. Then considering that we use Coconut oil and grapeseed oil, Ball Glove Love is Dubbin in every sense of the word. Therefore, yes you should be using Dubbin, Ball Glove Love Dubbin.